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When the engine died on my 1999 car, I knew that it was time to upgrade to something new. I was leaning towards and SUV for a change, and they have so many nice ones out there. I started by looking online and in the auto trading papers that are offered in my area.

It seemed like it took me forever to find the one I wanted, but I finally fell in love with one at an auto lot ten miles away. I went in and signed all of my paperwork and paid cash for it right on the spot. The man who was writing up my paperwork kept flirting with me and offered to take me out to lunch.

I was not turning down a free lunch since I am single, and I was looking for a new fuck buddy. We had a couple of slices of pizza and a pop, and I am patiently awaiting his phone call.

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It has been such an awful week to the point of me wanting to run away for a long period of time, maybe forever. Work has been absolute hell and on top of it my husband is basically begging for a divorce. I am more than happy to give it to him so he can go on his casual sex London escapades, but for some reason I’d rather see him beg. He has been so unfaithful over the years and crude that I find humor in making his life miserable at the moment. When I think maybe he learned his lesson, I might be able to put my signature on the papers. The things is, he will be paying for the whole divorce, I will not spit out a penny towards it. If he cannot deal with that than there will be no signing of anything at all. Never.